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The Power of a Praying Woman (By Rev. Bonface Nyangolo on 4th Nov. 2018)
Honoring God with the First Fruit Proverbs 3:9-10 (By Rev. Joseph Kitonyi)
Kindness of God (By Rev. Bonface Nyangolo on 22/09/2018)
Paying Tithe to God (by Rev. Joseph Kitonyi on 9 September 2018)
Annointing with Oil (By Rev. Isaya Otemba on 16 Oct 2018)
Building on True Foundation (By Ruth Munyao on 2/9/18)
Making God Known By Being Faithful as Daniel (Sermon by Rev. Joseph Kitonyi 0n 19th August 2018)
Building a Foundation of Hope (By Bishop Hellen Waswa on 12/8/18)
Christian Power (By Rev. Joseph Kitonyi on 15th July 2018)
CHristian Experience of Longing for God (By Bishop Hellen Waswa)
How to Wait Upon the Lord (By Bishop Hellen Waswa)
Jesus Christ the Omnipotent & Omniscient God (By Rev. Joseph Kitonyi 22 Apr 2018)
Knowing God by Rev. Joseph Kitonyi 14 Jan 2018
Making God our Priority (By Rev. Hellen Waswa on 11th March 2018)
Knowing God part 2 by Rev. Joseph Kitonyi
"The True Way of Giving Part 3" Sermon by Rev. Bonface Nyangolo on 17th Dec. 2017
Making God Known Missions and Evangelism (By Rev.Bonface Nyangolo
Spiritual Investment Sermon by Rt. Rev. Asst. Presd. Bishop Hellen Waswa on 7 Dec 2017
BEING FOUND FAITHFUL (By Rt. Rev. Hellen Waswa on 3rd June 2018)
"Spiritual Workers" Sermon by Rev. Hellen Waswa on 17th Dec 2017
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 Buruburu Community Centre Church of God Nairobi, formally known as Jericho Church of God, Nairobi. Buruburu Community Centre Church of God Nairobi is a church and religious based organization. (Hereinafter referred to as BCCCOG).

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Baptism shall be by immersion in water of those ...
The Lord’s Supper shall be a regular memorial and ...